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Mima's Famous Salsa and Cabbage
Comfort food that's healthy

Medium Salsa - What put us on the map and the most popular. It's warm enough to leave a bit of heat in your mouth, yet perfectly blended with all the rest of the ingredients. 

Health Benefits of Cabbage

"Cabbage is arguably the world's richest vegetable source of glutamine which is essential for maintaining optimal gut health."
Scott Laird, ND

new mild no background.png

Mild Salsa - For those that want the same great taste, but less heat...half the jalapeños and half the red peppers.

Cabbage - like you've probably never had before. A Central American delicacy and all time favorite. Good for you and great tasting with a tangy bite that keeps you coming back for more.
Ingredients: Cabbage, onion, carrots, water, vinegar,
jalapeños, salt, dried oregano, dried red pepper flakes



Bulk Sizes - currently serving:
Breweries, Cideries, Hospitals, Hotels and Restaurants and more.

Available in 1-5 gallon sizes 
*Contact us for prices.


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Mimas Salsa is the best!  Wonderful depth of flavor and the perfect amount of heat. Perfectly balanced.  It is a contact staple in my household. I put it on everything.  
Jill Perrigoue, WA

Thank you, for ALWAYS providing an excellent product for our events. It is always a hit with our attendees and to know we are supporting a small, female-owned local business that gives back to the community makes supporting an already excellent product much more significant.
Alyce Brown, Exec. Dir. North Central WA Economic Development Dist. 
We serve generous portions of Mima's Famous Salsa with crispy tortilla chips at our cidery tasting room. The combination of cool, crisp hard cider with Mima's slightly smoky and lemony salsa is phenomenal. Customers rave about both the cider and the salsa! We love being able to feature another local producer too!
Anna Caddey, Rootwood Cider Company, Manson, WA

Absolute 'must have', can't be sold out item. Folks would be so disappointed. Everyone loves the 2 new choices - mild or medium & packaging. Both are fabulous!  Lone Pine Fruit & Espresso, Orondo, WA

Mima's salsa is a staple at our house! Whether it's in our eggs in the morning or chips & salsa in the afternoon, we eat some nearly every day. It's our favorite! We like knowing fresh ingredients are used
no weird chemicals or preservatives. 

Chris & Bree Davis
Stocking up on Mima's and Juanita's chips for all our weekend warriors! 
Courtney C., Hipcamp host, Orondo, WA

My wife is obsessed with your salsa, lol. Every night I get home from work she is at the island with chips and salsa No exaggeration! 

Jeremy Johnson, WA

I could eat it by the spoonful!
Laura S.
Todd Luca and I at Elisabeth's wedding September 2021.jpg

The family

We're about making the best salsa you've ever had and through process we help widows and orphans.

Our salsa recipe was perfected from a desire to consume great tasting salsa.

Mima grew-up in a multi-generational Central American home learning to cook with direction from her grandma, Mamayia, in the "cocina". Mima's husband knowing Mima's rich Hispanic food heritage, challenged her to create her own salsa recipe, one the whole family could enjoy; that was the beginning of the prize winning, "Mima's Famous Salsa"

in 1995.


2021 - we added Curtido - Central American Cabbage Slaw, an ancient traditional recipe and the only one in the WA state wholesale market like it. People love it so much we receive messages with pictures of how they eat it right out of the container as a healthy snack or meal.

FUN FACT: Did you know Mima went to Kindergarten not knowing any English?

Todd, is Mima's BIGGEST cheerleader and the one that saw the vision long before the rest of the family. He's the one that makes Mima's design, construction, plumbing, electrical, you name it dreams come true. 


The youngest partner, the quiet pillar in the business is Luca. You can find him - creating along side Mima, selling our goods at Farmer's Markets and first-class delivery to all our accounts.

Our daughter drew our label when she was 16 on art paper and we've kept it.

Our eldest son is always there to give encouragement and advice.

Our eldest grandson enjoys helping us during summer vacation. He has loved our salsa since birth and easily eats it every day on EVERYTHING.

The family is growing, and so is the business thanks to you - our faithful customers.

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